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Do you have a camera? If so, are its lenses clean? Perhaps not, and do you want to know cleaning camera lens tips? Before answering this question, let’s just wander around briefly to get some insights on the subject matter. Imagine a scenario where you are driving your car! Typically, you do not allow smudges, dust, or any other debris to accumulate on the windshield simply because it makes seeing through the windscreen extremely difficult. Obviously, purporting to drive when you can’t see well is not dangerous but also unacceptable as far as road safety rules and regulations are concerned.

Similarly, the lens in a digital camera serves as a window or screen for your images. By and large, if you have a dirty or smudged lens, then the optical camera will have difficulties seeing through its window, which will have an adverse impact on the image quality.

Again, you do not invest in a smart expensive pair of eyeglasses only to let fingerprints and other marks be seen on it. Nor do you walk the entire day with cloudy vision only because you cannot be concerned in cleaning offer the dust and smudges! And apparently, you do not rub those smart delicate lenses with your grimy shirt sleeve or sanity tissues in the name of trying to clean it. In this context, it is important to note lenses for digital cameras do a similar job and are as fragile as eyeglasses. So, are you ready to learn cleaning camera lens tips?

cleaning camera lens tips

That being said, most camera lenses, after all, are always more expensive than some of the car windshields and eyeglasses. In fact, they are costly than any other piece of camera equipment. Therefore, cleaning a camera lens often requires some unique and extraordinary care, of course, to avoid scratches and any other damages to the lens. We all know the consequences of a dirty lens. It will produce dark and cloudy images, which affects the quality of the picture. So, if you are concerned (which you should) about cleaning camera lens, then here below are some of the essential tips you will need to have at your fingertips:

1. Buy a simple yet complete lens cleaning kit

One of the reasons as to why some photographers engage in cleaning camera lens with the corner of their shirts is because they do not have proper cleaning materials. Often, there are some minute specks of dirt or dust on your shirt sleeve that can leave scratches on the glass lens. Again, some people will use a finger to clean the lens, and the results are sometimes horrible. It leaves fingerprint smudges and traces of acids or oils that can damage the anti-reflection coating of your lenses.

The advice at a point in time is that you need to acquire cleaning camera lens kit, which contains proper cleaning equipment. A simple lens cleaning kit has lens cleaning fluid (not water), a blower brush, a microfiber cloth, and other lens cleaning tissues.

If you’re looking for the best camera lens cleaning kit, then you need to look no further than the Altura Photo Professional Cleaning Kit for sensitive electronics and DSLR cameras bundled with a refillable spray bottle. This cleaning kit is made up of carefully selected cleaning materials and tools to efficiently and safely clean your camera lenses and any other delicate optics.

It includes air blower cleaner, lens cleaning pen system, high-quality lens brush, fifty sheets lens tissue paper, three premium magic microfiber cloths, handy empty spray bottle, among others. And you can clean the camera lens at home everytime.

cleaning camera lens by cleaning kit

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2. First Cleaning camera lens tips: Remove dust

Now that you have the right cleaning camera lens kit with you, it is time to roll up your sleeves and try clean your camera lenses. Before cleaning any sort, it is important to start the process by removing dust from the lens. Remember, dust is everywhere and everywhere is dust! So, whether you have been using your camera in a dusty environment or not, it will have dust anyway. To remove dust, go to your lens cleaning kit and get a soft brush. Again, you need to need to note that wiping imperfections or dust with improper materials can result in trapped granules of dirt and sand around the edges leading to devastating scratches.

cleaning camera lens

cleaning camera lens by removing dust


Always brush off the dust gently from the middle part of the lens moving to the edges. Then get out the dust from the rare edges by typically holding the camera upside down with the glass lens pointing towards the ground. This will allow the dust fall off the ground as you continue brushing.

3. Clean it now – the second cleaning camera lens tips!

After removing all the dust on the lens, you may want to clean it even further. The best cleaning camera lens tool is probably the microfiber cloth, which is also available in the lens cleaning kit explained above. It is a soft fabric made specifically for cleaning glass surface on camera lenses. It removes smudges (with or without lens cleaning fluid) and can be used to clean other parts of the camera as well. With using this cleaning equipment, start wiping gently in a circular motion from the middle part of the lens as you move outward.

Be careful when cleaning camera lens

If the lens is not adequately cleaned with the use of microfiber cloth and the brush, then you might consider using the cleaning fluid. Again, the cleaning fluid is available in the lens cleaning kit mentioned earlier. Just place a few drops on a cleaning cloth and follow the standard procedure.

4. Always keep camera bag dry and clean

Cleaning camera lens is not always about cleaning shooting images in the open when dust is everywhere! Indeed, one of the easiest ways to keep lenses clean is by storing them safely in a clean camera bag. Therefore, it pays a lot to keep your camera bag clean and free from dust and all forms of dirt so that there is no risk of the same accessing your lenses. Besides that, humidity is something that should be kept out as well.

So, it is highly advisable that you throw in some sachets of fresh silica gel in the bottom of the bag.

5. Avoid unnecessary lens cleaning

Lenses are typically made up of several coatings designed to allow light in by the cancellation of reflection. These coatings are often tough, hard, and durable. However, when excess fluid is used during cleaning camera lens, it may damage the lens. Besides that, the surface of the lens becomes vulnerable to scratches from contact and cleaning chemicals. Because of this alone, it is highly advisable that you should keep lenses from dirt and fingerprints, and shun repeated physical interaction, which includes touching the lenses and of course, cleaning!

Remember that, new camera lens and used camera lenses all have to be protected for long term use and effective


No photographer should ever forget the importance and cleaning camera lens tips explained above. Thus, checking lenses for smudges and dust on a regular basis is highly recommended. Remember, the benefits are not only taking sharpest possible images, but also a fingerprint or a smudge left on the lens for a long time can cause permanent damage to your expensive camera. By and large, cleaning camera lens not be a difficult task as you may think, but armed with proper cleaning tools, it should be performed patiently, attentively, thoughtfully, and regularly.


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