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Getting a good battery for your device may prove to be a challenge. The new GoPro dual battery charger offers a number of exciting features that will serve the needs of most individuals with GoPro cameras. The charger has all the features that they may need when looking for something that goes along with their battery. It is also important to understand the features of the battery since the charger will be dealing with the battery.

The primary characteristics of a battery that one may look into include the chemistry, capacity, voltage, cold cranking amps, specific power, specific energy, and energy density, load and the C-rates. The performance of the battery will depend on the specifications of these aspects since each of them contributes to the performance of the battery in one way or another. Depending on the specifications of the battery it may turn out to be great or may prove to be poor quality. Thus as a user find more about the performance of the battery before spending your money.

GoPro dual battery charger Hero 5

GoPro dual battery charger

The charging aspect of the battery is another selling point. You can charge GoPro HERO 5 via the USB port and in any case, you want to hasten the charging process them you need to use the GoPro Supercharger. The new rapid charger has some great aspects and the functionality is a plus to those who wish to charge their batteries. It charges the batteries up to 20% faster than the when one uses a conventional charger on other battery types meaning that your battery will be ready for use 20% faster.

If using GoPro dual battery charger to charge the battery of GoPro, charging speed will increase 45%. And who does not wish for efficiency? The supercharger creates an experience that if you are outdoor shooting you will maximize every aspect of whatever you shooting since you charge the batteries enough to ensure that you do not miss any action.

The supercharger is efficient since it makes use of the USB-C connection as a way of beefing up the charger. It also gives the user an option to choose from when charging since it cannot recharge itself.

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When using the supercharger there two approaches that may suit the owner. You can plug it into the camera so as to charge or may plugging into the GoPro cradle charger. The additional features associated with the supercharger include interchangeable AC plugs together with 1.5ft (0.45m) 3A USB-C to USB-C Cable. The other great feature comes with the GoPro Supercharger is the presence of dual LED lights displaying the charging status of the two batteries.

Thus the owner will have an easier time knowing the status of the battery without removing them from the charger and fixing them on the GoPro camera. Talk about efficiency and giving the customers an experience of a different kind and this is what the team that came up with GoPro HERO 5 and GoPro supercharger were aiming for For those who love uninterrupted experience then GoPro HERO 5 and the GoPro supercharger is the item for you since it enables you to have your experience fully without having to worry about that the camera will go off due to power problems.Moreover, the cost is friendly and anyone set aside some funds to have these great items. Additionally, you can get the GoPro HERO 5 and the GoPro dual battery charger from different markets including Amazon. And it’s very easy to order.

Features of the GoPro Battery

The previous GoPro batteries have never had a good battery life and the new Hero 5 Black is a great improvement on the predecessors going by the battery life. When you are out shooting with your camera there is an experience that you are looking forward to having with minimal interruptions and the best way to ensure that your camera does not disappoint you is by getting a good battery. The new battery is an upgrade to the previous versions by all aspects. The new model does not make it possible to be attached to an extended battery at the back but allows for connection to an external battery pack. If the external battery pack is not there then you can use battery hand grip via the USB and improvise it as external power.

However, the new setup has its own shortcoming that includes an appearance that some may regard as weird. The new GoPro charger will ensure that you do not run out of power at any moment. Thus one of the greatest features of the new GoPro dual battery charger is the ability to charge two HERO 5 Black camera batteries simultaneously with ease bringing a whole new experience to the user.

The new GoPro batteries make it easier for the users to manage the battery life. They come with spare batteries together with external chargers. It implies that the user will be able to charge the spare battery while they are using the camera meaning that there is no experience loss. Therefore, rather than to wait and do nothing while the battery charges the GoPro HERO 5 Black makes sure that your needs are adequately taken care of and you do not miss the chance to shoot anything.

It is an upgrade that saves time for the users while also increasing their efficiency when they are out in the field. With the GoPro HERO 5 Black coming along with the GoPro dual battery charger you will definitely have a going well adventure.

The new GoPro HERO 5 Black battery is made out of lithium-ion with the rate at 1220 mAh (4.40V) which is great capacity for a battery. Lithium ion has a flat discharge implying that the supply voltage will stay at constant levels throughout the discharge cycle. Thus a battery such as the GoPro HERO 5 which has a lifespan of over close to 25 years will have constant discharge levels over the years that it will be used and it will not deteriorate in performance over the years.

As a user thus you will be assured of great quality batteries over the lifespan that they will be in use. Moreover, the period that it will take to recharge the battery will be constant throughout the years and nothing will change in the course of the life of your new GoPro HERO 5 Black battery. The GoPro dual battery charger will provide you with great service over the years.


When looking for a battery for your device there are some specific features that you look for and check if they meet the needs of your camera. The GoPro battery package has met all the specifications that one may need and comes with extra benefits such as the GoPro dual battery charger which enhances the charging speed meaning that you will get your battery on your device in the shortest time possible. All the features that the device comes along with enhanced the performance of the camera and ensure that the user attains maximum satisfaction.


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