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It is now the time to learn mistakes of amateur photographer need to avoid at a glance. You have just purchased one of the best digital cameras (perhaps the DSLR series), and there is no doubt that you are eager to test it out. You may have been out in the first few days taking images left, right, and center in different environments, but all of a sudden, the excitement you had just wears out. Why?

The obvious answer to the above question is that there are some errors of amateur photographer you did not avoid! It is undeniable that every amateur photographer commits photography errors. In fact, even the skilled and pros often make technical errors and mistakes, but making these mistakes, fortunately, is a good way to learn and increase your knowledge and experience in the photography industry.

Mistakes of amateur photographer

Despite the fact that learning from your past mistakes is often helpful in all spheres of life, it is a fantastic idea to understand and be familiar with some of the common mistakes of amateur photographer to help avoid making them in your daily personal photography work. The good news is that most of these errors are always easy to fix and correct, but still, some can be a little bit tricky to fight! Let’s have a look at some of them:

1. Acquiring expensive photography gear thinking they will be better photographers

In photography, the above notion is often the most common mistakes of committed by most amateur photographers. Acquiring expensive gear as a beginner will not only hurt your budget/wallet, but it does not help develop and improve your photography skills. Unfortunately, most amateur photographers would want to buy the fanciest and expensive cameras. Although these gears have robust features, do they have tangible benefits? Of course, the answer is yes, and this explains why many pros use cameras such as Sony Nikon D810, A7R II, and so on. However, fully utilize it and realize its benefits, it will require advanced skill and knowledge.

It, therefore, means more affordable and less advanced cameras are a better gear for new photographers to learn advanced skills. Just like airplane pilots do not start directly in the cockpit of Boeing and other big planes, it doesn’t make sense at all for amateur photographers to start out with the most sophisticated cameras and gears, even if they can afford to buy!

It is essential to note that many entry level cameras are priced to be highly affordable, and they do offer large sensors as well as excellent image quality. The point to note here is that if you want to advance your photography skills, then you start by exploring the limitations of your current photography gear.

2. Mistakes of amateur photographer not taking time to learn the basics of photography

One of the commonly committed mistakes of amateur photographer is the failure to learn the basics at onset. Unfortunately, it does not stop on beginners, but also affects many individuals who have been in the photography industry for a while! Although creativity is what makes one a good photographer, there are many other starter principles that contribute significantly to your expertise.

As an amateur, you should devote plenty of time to learn about shutter speed, ISO, and of course, aperture, which partly forms the basis of photographic exposure. The good news is that there is plenty of this information online. Besides that, you should learn and explore the capabilities of your gear.

Do you know exposure triangle??? this is the most basic knowledge of photography, everybody who wanna be a photographer should know. Read this article: Understanding exposure triangle, you will see how it’s important in photography.

3. Having the perception that they can edit a photo later to fix obvious errors

Perhaps you have heard beginners (or even expert photographers) saying that there is something wrong in a particular photo taken, but nothing to worry about since he/she will rectify it later by editing. Yes, that is one of the most common errors of an amateur photographer do commit in their daily work! While it is pretty true that you can rectify some photographic mistakes using plenty of photo-editing software, but waiting do so is just time-consuming and in most cases, result in images that are not as impressive as they could have been.

Remember, exposure mistakes, for instance, is always too difficult to correct and there is little you can do recover the missing details. Therefore, beginners are highly advised to do their best in getting their photos right in the camera.

4. Shooting always in the flash mode

Not turning off the flash is one of the common errors of amateur photographer. Most of them assume that flash should always be on, but this error is easily fixed by learning how to capture images in different environments. For instance, if you want to capture photos at night concert or fireworks, then there is no need to use a camera flash. In a nutshell, shooting things at a distance does not require flash. Otherwise, it will reduce the quality of the image.


The list of mistakes of amateur photographer is just endless, but the above explained are the most common and should be avoided as much as possible. As earlier mentioned, some of these mistakes are pretty difficult to avoid, but it is highly recommended that you do more practice with your gear and learn the basics. In no time, you will take complete control over these mistakes and become a better photographer.


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